Highspeed coating system MC-Floor Top-Speed lives up to its name

Application of MC-Floor TopSpeed SC and M_Collage

New products round off the system - Complete industrial floor systems can be installed within just a few hours

At the end of 2013 MC-Bauchemie launched the high-performance roll-on coating MC-Floor TopSpeed that can be simply, quickly and reliably applied even under critical environmental conditions at temperatures between 2 to 35 °C and even in the wet. This was an innovation and still is unique because conventional floor coatings based on polyurethane and epoxy resins can usually be applied at temperatures between 8 and 30 °C. Under cooler conditions and in the wet, or indeed just in the presence of ambient moisture, they are less reliable, developing problems such as lack of adhesion, reduced long-term bonding, bubbles, pits and porosities. With the new developments MC-Floor TopSpeed SC and MC-Floor Top-Speed M MC-Bauchemie expands the product range of the high-performance roll-on coating and rounds off the product system. Now, even complete industrial floor systems can be installed quickly and are fully loadable within 48 hours.

Ironing out unevennesses with MC-Floor TopSpeed SC Until now, MC's TopSpeed family was only able to rectify unevenness, major or minor, to a limited degree. Now, with the low-viscous, transparent speciality resin MC-Floor TopSpeed SC, reprofiling is also possible - even under adverse weather conditions such as in the wet and in the cold - because it can be applied in high volumes and can thus also be used as a reaction resin mortar for larger layer thicknesses.

Meeting the preference for matt surfaces with MC-Floor TopSpeed M Matt resin floors tend to be preferred by most customers over shinier sheer surfaces in which scratches and small dents are invariably more visible. However, achieving a high-quality matt finish requires a great deal of work because conventional matting agents can only be applied in small quantities and the sealing of rough surfaces requires more operational steps. With MC-Floor TopSpeed M, this process has become significantly easier as bigger quantities can be applied in one pass, thus saving time and money. The additional transparent matting of rough surfaces strewn with coloured quartz or coloured chips is likewise not necessary because this new, UV-stable matt coating can be applied in one operation as both sealant and matting finish.

Integrated system suitable for a variety of applications
With MC-Floor TopSpeed, MC is able to offer a complete system that, for the first time, will quickly and reliably harden even at low and high temperatures between 2 and 35 °C, irrespective of the air humidity and substrate moisture content. It is fully loadable after just 48 hours. Complete industrial floor systems can be installed within just a few hours. The product system is very flexible and can be used for a wide range of applications – both inside and outside, on industrial and retail floor surfaces as well as on classic home surfaces like balconies, terraces and porticos. Its properties also make it suitable for tropical regions such as Southeast Asia, where classic resins are virtually ruled out because of the humidity encountered both in the air and in typical substrates. Following its application, users and owners will enjoy an aesthetically attractive floor finish for many years: MC-Floor TopSpeed is UV-stable, exceptionally scratch-resistant and also offers high wear resistance.


MC-Floor TopSpeed SC (top left): With this new development unevennesses can be ironed out as it can be applied in high volumes and thus also be used as a reaction resin mortar for larger layer thicknesses. MC-Floor TopSpeed M can be applied in one operation as both sealant and matting finish, thus saving time and money.

Photos: MC-Bauchemie, Bottrop