Durable repair and
protection of
concrete structures

Whether your work entails concrete repairs, surface protection, waterproofing injection or joint sealing applications, we offer you – the planners, architects, developers and public authorities responsible – innovative product systems backed up by a unique level of service and support.

Ensuring the stability, resistance and durability

The construction and repair of bridges, tunnels, multi-storey car parks, airports, port facilities and even sewage systems are usually highly complex undertakings. Such projects have enormous importance for the development of a country and are thus frequently carried out under the glare of publicity. Even small defects or errors can give rise to costly consequences, adversely affect reputations and, in extreme cases, even endanger life. With our product systems and service our customers are able to to permanently ensure the stability, resistance and durability of such structures.

Tailored solutions for industry

The same applies to our industrial customers. To these we offer solutions that are as diverse and individual as the specific requirements of each job in question. From chemically and mechanically highly resistant, WHG (Water Resources Act) compliant industrial floors for the chemical industry to conductive floor systems for the electronics sector and high-density surface coatings and protection and repair systems for separators and sewage treatment plant. 

However, a good product is in itself not enough in order to ensure the success of an undertaking. Professional application is just as important. So we regularly train applicators in the correct usage of our product systems. Beyond that, our experienced employees also support planners, architects and developers both during the planning phase and on site, standing shoulder to shoulder with them as they implement their construction and repair projects.

Fields of Expertise

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