Challenges & Applications


Conventional floor coatings based on polyurethane and epoxy resin compounds can only be applied at temperatures between 8°C and 30°C. At cooler temperatures and in damp or humid conditions, they are prone to undesirable secondary reactions leading to lack of adhesion and the appearance of bubbles, blisters, pitting and pores, with long curing times also a problem. MC-Floor TopSpeed is a high-performance product system that allows fast and reliable coating work to be carried out even under critical ambient conditions – including at temperature extremes of 2°C and 35°C and in the presence of high levels of moisture. Entire industrial floors can be completely upgraded in just a few hours, with full loadability returning after just 48 hours. Uniquely, with MC-Floor TopSpeed the effective working period can be extended virtually right across the year in many countries.


Repairs to the floors of your production facilities, or the functional surfaces, walkways and carriageways used in your warehouse and goods handling areas need to be completed within the shortest period of time so as to minimise stoppages and cost. With MC-Floor Screed, MC-Bauchemie has developed an industrial floor repair and refurbishment system capable of remedying these surfaces within just a day, becoming trafficable within one to two days. Because of its very fast setting behaviour and high resilience, MC-Floor Screed is ideally suited to weekend jobs, even in the case of heavily worn surfaces.  The system comprises the bond coat MC-Floor Screed BS, the easy-flowing floor screed coating MC-Floor Screed 10 and a fast-reacting special binding agent MC-Floor Screed 25, especially developed for the rehabilitation of damaged, heavily worn industrial screeds.

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