Challenges & Applications


Conventional coatings are frequently inadequate when it comes to accentuating the appearance of your concrete surfaces, providing them with colour interest, graffiti protection or a crack-bridging solution. With MC-Color, we offer a modular surface protection programme comprising the three product lines capable of meeting these requirements: MC-Color Proof, MC-Color Flair and MC-Color Flex.

Together with the performance variants available with each product line – pure, pro and vision – clients, specifiers, planning engineers, architects and applicators can find the right solution for each and every application. The performance levels increase with each grade, from the standard ‘pure’ version, to the professional level ‘pro‘ through to the high-end ‘vision’ variant. These products can be specifically selected in accordance with the job in hand.


Cracked component surfaces are a great source of annoyance and concern. They are unsightly and can, if left alone, lead to damage to the building fabric.  With the MC-Color Flex product line, you can prevent the ingress of moisture into the structure and the reinforcement corrosion that this often entails.  The system offers long-term protection as well as improving visual appearance.

MC-Color Flex combines pigmented, extremely flexible, crack-bridging coatings for cracked or cracking-susceptible building component surfaces. The high-end variant, MC-Color Flex vision, has been tested in accordance with EN 1062-7:2004-08 and certified as conforming to the crack-bridging class B4.1 (determined at -20°C).  This is unique for pigmented coatings and unmatched anywhere in the marketplace.

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