Challenges & Solutions

Potable water is our most important source of sustenance and hence demands special protection. In the water cycle, from extraction to purification and treatment, it passes through numerous facilities, with storage in potable water tanks of prime importance. Potable water can also damage the unprotected concrete of potable water tanks. Even high-strength concretes may be attacked, for example, by water with a low mineral content or by its abrasive action. Leaks in potable water pipes are also commonplace and can sometimes lead to major water losses. MC supports you in the rehabilitation of potable water tanks and transport piping with expert, tailored and personal advice backed up by a comprehensive product portfolio.

Sealing cracks and preserving the structure

Sealing cracks in potable water structures
Waterproofing potable water structures with high-performance injection systems

Crack formation arises in potable water tanks due to both static and dynamic stresses. The consequences are water loss and further damage to the building fabric. The internal coating of the tank does not necessarily have to be damaged across particularly wide areas of its surface for this to happen.

With MC-Injekt 2300 TOP and MC-Injekt 3000 HPS, for example, we are able to offer you certified injection systems that can be used in contact with potable water without any health risk – both for the rapid and permanent sealing of cracks and as an initial preparatory measure for more extensive repairs. MC recommends polyurethane-based injection systems and hydrostructural resins, both flexible and rigid, for ensuring the best results.

Durable repair of damaged concrete

Comprehensive surface protection in potable water storage tanks

Potable water often has a damaging effect on the fabric of storage structures. The mineral content of the water can be particularly critical. Very soft water, i.e. water low in minerals, attacks unprotected concrete like a solvent. This leads to leaching of the binder and consequential damage that can extend into the core and thus adversely affect structural stability.


MC-RIM PW 101 and MC-RIM PW 301 surface protection coatings are high-performance mineral-based systems that offer an inherently high level of chemical and mechanical resistance. The continuous process of post-compaction that occurs in them ensures maximum durability and reliability. The portfolio is rounded off by concrete replacement system MC-RIM PW 201, the silica-modified spray mortar MC-RIM PW 40 and the potable water-compatible shotcrete MC-RIM PW 80.

Renovation of damaged potable water pipes

Renovation of damaged potable water pipes
Renovation of damaged potable water pipes
Renovation of damaged potable water pipes
With the all-encompassing rehabilitation system from MC

Potable water tanks are often located outside the conurbations they serve, which means long distances that have to be covered by interregional pipelines. And the inner-city distribution networks these feed into are of comparable overall length and similar construction. Material ageing, aggressive soils in the bedding zone and static and dynamic loads repeatedly lead to damage in such potable water piping.

With the Konudur PW-Liner you have at your disposal a renovation system for potable water pipes that meets the highest demands in terms of corrosion protection and impermeability. Impregnated with the epoxy resin Konudur 180 PW, the Konudur PW-Liner meets Class C requirements (based on EN ISO 11295) with all the necessary certificates to confirm operational safety and hygiene.

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