• Cement-based, ready to use – simply mix with water
  • Exceptionally soft and smooth
  • High initial and final strength values
  • Chloride-free, non-shrinking
  • High sulphate resistance
  • Frost-resistant
  • Good stability, suitable for overhead applications
  • High adhesive tensile strength on properly pre-treated substrate
  • For joint filling with MC-HM Pump (manual mortar pump)
  • For filling fixing anchor holes using the MC-HMA Pump (manual mortar pump)
  • Pumpable
  • Non-flammable to EN 13501-1, class A1


  • For void-free, rigid filling (using the MC-HMA Pump) of
    • fixing anchor holes
  • For the vertical and horizontal filling (using the MC-HM Pump) of
    • joints, e.g. segment joints in prefabricated construction
    • door frames
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